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Are you facing the challenges of ADHD? You're not alone!

Let's work together to unlock your potential and make a positive impact in your life. 

Ready to take the next step?

Set up a consultation today and start your journey towards empowerment!

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Janina E. Maschke, Ph.D, Psychologist, ADHD Coach, Speaker & Researcher

I'm Dr. Janina Elbert Maschke, an experienced ADHD and Executive Functioning Coach dedicated to empowering students and adults with ADHD. My passion lies in unlocking their full potential and guiding them in various aspects of life, including academics, work, and personal pursuits.

As a coach, I specialize in empowering individuals with ADHD, helping them navigate and leverage their unique qualities:

🧠 Unleashing the power of your brain

🌧 Overcoming overwhelm and preventing burnout

💥 Embracing intense emotions

🎢 Navigating consistency challenges

🌿 Recognizing and harnessing hidden strengths

📚 Pursuing multiple passions

🌪 Channeling constant ideas

Together, let's unlock your true potential and create tailored strategies for growth and empowerment!

My Services

1:1 Coaching

My personalized 1:1 coaching is tailored to your specific needs. 🌟 Through our sessions, we'll work together to develop strategies and tools to help you better manage your ADHD symptoms and reach your full potential. Don't let ADHD hold you back- let me help you thrive. 💪

Group Coaching

Don't face ADHD alone. The ADHD Group Coaching is the perfect program for those who want to tackle their ADHD with a group of like-minded individuals. 🤝 Together, we'll support, motivate, and develop tools to manage ADHD. Let's tackle this journey as a team! 🚀


Explore ADHD through insightful workshops tailored to your needs. 🧠 Whether you're a manager, HR professional, or an individual, my workshops provide a deeper understanding of ADHD's impact in the workplace. Contact me to schedule a workshop today! 🗓️

"Looking back over the 12 Counseling sessions I had, with Dr. Janina, I'd say I've definitely learned strategies to be able to better manage my ADHD than I had been able to do before I'd started sessions."

Imeril Johnson

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Ready to work with your ADHD brain ?

Learn all about the services that i offer to help you work with your adhd in a consultation 👇

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