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Does everyone have a little ADHD? Debunking the Myth

Has anyone ever said to you "Everyone is a little ADHD"?


Navigating the challenges of ADHD is an ongoing journey for countless individuals, each facing unique struggles that extend beyond the common hiccups in daily life.

Unfortunately, dismissive comments like "Everyone has a little bit of ADHD these days," "This is normal behavior," or "Everyone goes through this" can undermine the profound and genuine difficulties that those with ADHD encounter on a daily basis.

These remarks, even if they are intended to relate to these challenges, can inadvertently minimize the struggle faced by individuals with ADHD. ADHD symptoms exist along a spectrum of typical human behavior, where occasional forgetfulness or running late to an appointment may seem relatable. However, it's crucial to understand the contrast between such common lapses and the actual challenges posed by ADHD.

Growing up, I myself often heard dismissive comments like "Everyone is a little ADHD," or "It's just normal behavior," whenever I struggled with focus or organization. These remarks made me question whether my challenges were valid or if I was simply not trying hard enough. It wasn't until later, during my PhD studies while working with children who have ADHD, that I saw myself reflected in their experiences.

Witnessing the daily struggles these children faced, from forgetfulness to difficulty staying on task, I realized that these were the same challenges I had been facing with for years. It was a pivotal moment of recognition and validation for me. Suddenly, I understood that what I had been experiencing wasn't just a result of laziness or lack of effort—it was a neurodevelopmental condition deeply ingrained in my brain's structure and function.

This realization allowed me to embrace my ADHD journey with greater compassion and understanding. Finally leading to my diagnosis in 2020.

ADHD is not a fleeting inconvenience, a result of a bad day, or a matter of personal choice; it is a neurodevelopmental disorder deeply rooted in the brain's structure and function. Such comments disregard the complex nature of ADHD and its impact on daily life, inadvertently and perpetuating misconceptions.

Acknowledging the continuum of typical human behavior, we must recognize that while everyone may experience moments of forgetfulness or distraction, the vast majority, approximately 90-95%, do not have ADHD, and cannot relate to these experiences. It's essential to approach discussions surrounding ADHD with sensitivity and awareness, understanding the unique struggles faced by those genuinely affected by this neurodivergent condition.

By understanding and dispelling common misconceptions, we can contribute to a more inclusive and supportive environment for individuals with ADHD, empowering them to navigate their distinctive challenges with dignity and resilience.

Have you heard these comments before? What was helpful for you to dispel these misconceptions?

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