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Struggling with ADHD despite medication?

ADHD Coaching could be a game-changer!

By the end of our 1-on-1 coaching, you will have developed:

  📆 Effective planning and management skills

  💖 Healthier self-esteem and relationships

  🎯 Clearer judgment

  💪 Self-motivation

  🌊 Improved ability to regulate emotions

  ⏰ Improved time management skills

  🚀 A greater sense of self-efficacy

If you don't want to keep struggling with the same challenges a year from now, it's time to take action  now and get the support you need.



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"I’m so glad I found Janina; she has vast professional expertise and experiential knowledge. I feel comfortable and understood to share my stories in sessions and while conversing, she gently navigates, helps identify, and makes suggestions - I never felt probed, pried, or judged. My experience and the results exceed expectations!"

- Phoebe

" I had the pleasure to work with Dr. Janina as my ADHD coach, and I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome.Dr. Janina helped me to understand my unique brain and how to work with it, rather than against it. The strategies provided by Dr. Janina helped me to improve my executive functioning skills and manage my symptoms more effectively.I highly recommend Dr. Janina to anyone looking to gain a greater understanding of their ADHD and take control of their life. "

Giulia, 36 yr old mom & working professional

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