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I've had an ADHD diagnosis for years but never did anything with it. Once I contacted Janina we defined goals and were able to build a long-term plan that has helped me get back on track and achieve my goals.


I'm so glad that I started coaching. I did not have an official ADHD diagnosis before starting the coaching sessions with Janina. But over time, I learned more and more about my brain which finally made me get my diagnosis. This has helped me accept myself and even love myself so much more!


I absolutely love this! Cannot recommend it enough!


I felt stuck, even though my mind always kept spinning and I couldn't stop it. This made me seek out ADHD coaching! And I'm so glad I did. I never thought I could achieve the goals I did. I really enjoy Janina's calm presence.


I recently had the pleasure of working with Janina as my ADHD coach, and I couldn't be happier with the results. Janina helped me to understand my unique brain and how to work with it, rather than against it. The strategies provided by Janina helped me to improve my executive functioning skills and manage my symptoms more effectively.
I highly recommend Janina to anyone looking to gain a greater understanding of their ADHD and take control of their life.


The coaching truly helped me to stop procrastinating and develop a more productive approach to my work and daily tasks. The strategies and techniques provided by Janina were tailored to my specific needs, and I found them to be extremely effective.


I highly recommend Dr. Janina to anyone who is looking to improve their executive functioning skills and manage their symptoms of ADHD. Thank you Dr. Janina for helping me to take control of my life!!


I had the opportunity to work with Janina as my ADHD coach and it was truly a game-changer.


Dr. Janina helped me to understand and manage my symptoms more effectively, particularly in regulating my emotions.
I always looked forward to each coaching session and felt that the strategies and tools provided by Dr. Janina were tailored to my specific needs. I highly recommend the coaching to anyone looking for support and guidance on their journey with ADHD.

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